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I am an artist currently finishing my Bachelor of Visual Arts, this is things of muse that bring me happy, and remind me of my purpose- we all want happy. See my work at
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colour sketch for TOVP

I sometimes feel like i am getting old before ive hatched.

FORT GREENE IS FINALLY GREENE! (save the awkward dead trees in this particular shot)
Yesterday was the weekly saturday flea market for the fort greenians, it has an impressive turn out of over 200 fabulous stores of junk and gold, amazing vintage stuffs from the victorian era to designer labels from last season, DOUGH doughnuts, brooklyn freshly ground, limonade, hand cobbled shoes, bicycles, icicles, and  anything you could ever want which you weren’t aware of wanting before you entered. However, currently at the end of my weekly budget i decided to go in with only enough to get myself a morning sugary something and some coffee. Probably because i am more of a religious op-shoper than a vintage goer, i did noticed one thing, firstly: how hard it was not to run to the nearest atm and pull out my last 50 to buy this amazing second hand 1950s linen frock, secondly: why on earth does a flea market have old, like really old things, even ordinary, sometimes a little uglier than ordinary for $40 to $200. Have these people forgoton about sweat shops and the cheap stuff out there brand new! Not that that should be an alternative, i do try not to buy ‘disposable’ clothes, but seriously, do they even want to re-cycle these nice old things from dead people or do they really desire to become another over priced pop-up ‘boutique’ robbing the many doe eyed, frenzied, poor, student hipsters, on the basis that because someone wore over 5 years ago it is ‘vintage’ rather than the admitting price for something that is honestly two degrees away from being moth dinner.
On that note i will probably go back and see if that dress is still there next week, or alternatively settle with some hand cobbled ikaat printed slippers.

Minter - paris art review

Liminality - Alex O’niell

photograph by pratt student - Alex O’niell

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